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"Why do bad things happen to good  people?" is an interesting question from a general and theological perspective that comes up whenever we see a hurricane in the news or some other kind of mass tragedy. But when personal adversity happens in your life; when the train wrecks of life make a house call, more people are interested in answering  the specific question: "Why is this happening to me and what can I do about it?" 

What is there in our faith and in Scripture to help us in those troubling times? We will explore those very questions on Sunday after worship in:


In this series of discussion we will explore the variety of personal adversity encountered by biblical characters and see how they fared. We'll consider:


  • Abraham - forced to leave his home; faced infertility
  • Moses - who wandered in the wilderness
  • Joseph - who was betrayed by family
  • Ruth - who lost her spouse
  • Job - who lost everything
  • Nehemiah - who struggled with nay sayers
  • Daniel - imprisoned in the lions's den
  • Paul - who wrote some of his best work in prison 


 So join us on Sunday.  You might learn something useful from these biblical personalities and maybe come away with something you can use in your own life.